The Folk Dance Ensemble "KOS" was founded in 1964. Over twenty years it was performing by the name of "GŁUSK", which is the place where "KOS" originated. Formerly it was a suburban village; today it's a district of the city. The evolution of "KOS" and its needs forced the management to change an organisation form and to search for a new seat. Since 1976 the Folk Dance Ensemble "KOS" has been an association.

    With a great expenditure of mutual work, "KOS" members restored a historical manor-house in Krasienin, which became the seat of the association.

    Since 1985 the Folk Dance Ensemble "KOS" has been a member of Internationale Organisation Fur Volkskunst (IOV - International Organization of Folk Authors), which is working under the auspices of UNESCO.

    The association has got over 200 members - young people, students, cultural activists, dancers and musicians. In its repertory, the Folk Dance Ensemble "KOS" presents all national dances, regional dances of central and eastern Poland, childish dances and games, folk songs and melodies.

    Since its foundation, the Folk Dance Ensemble "KOS" has given over 2000 concerts, it's famous in most of the Polish regions; it has represented Polish folklore many times in many countries in Europe. It has also performed in Syria, Egypt and Turkey. We have entertained over 30 friendly foreign groups from: Austria, Belgium, Belorussia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Macedonia, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and Yugoslavia.

    The Folk Dance Ensemble "KOS" can boast of many national and foreign medals, awards and distinctions.

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Zespół Tańca Ludowego "KOS"
ul. Radości 10/9
20-530 Lublin

tel. (phone): +48 81 7566824, 0602 743661